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CalFlor® provides a complete line of flooring accessories and programs to meet our customers' specific needs and high demands. The CalFlor® Accessory Systems Team takes pride in our customer-focused programs. Each customized program is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction at all levels. We are committed to providing our customer-partners with customized solutions: complete accessory programs, unique products, qualified technical services, warranty and marketing support, leading-edge technology based systems, claims management and personalized customer service. With this in mind, you can be assured that you and your customers will be professionally treated with the utmost respect and care. 


Cal Oak as it was known at its conception, started out as a hardwood sawmill and flooring producer in 1965. In early 1990's we changed the name to CalFlor® Accessory Systems and focused on flooring accessories. We have been serving the flooring industry by providing “everything but the floor” for over 30 years.

CalFlor® is a progressive, innovative company focusing on a field some take for granted, many avoid and few appreciate. Through this specialized focus on a central, but difficult to master, sector of the flooring industry, we have been able to maximize the efficiency of our partners' accessory programs; resulting in greater focus and increased profits.

CalFlor® continues to develop and test new products and accessories. Our unique programs and services provide our partners with innovative solutions to help sustain their businesses as efficiently as possible.

CalFlor® is one of the earliest manufacturers of color-matched moldings for pre-finished flooring, and has a number of firsts in its long history of success:

  • The first to bring the D3 T&G glue certification to the US
  • The first to adhere a moisture barrier to the foam underlayment, creating “2 in one”
  • The first to produce a “floating floor” video in the Western hemisphere. 
  • The first to produce a color-matched, bendable molding for laminates – our Uni-Molding.
  • The first to provide ColorFill in the United States
  • The first to join the moisture edge-sealing AND pre-applied glue processes into a single system for laminate and wood flooring.
  • The first to create an all surfaces flooring repair kit
  • The first to create and document a Professional Flooring inspection kit/Guide
  • The first, best and only company to provide a complete accessory focus for flooring manufacturers.

Flooring accessories, while being a critical element of any successful flooring line, has long been the proverbial thorn in the side of manufacturers, distributors and consumers. But it no longer has to be that way, thanks to CalFlor® Accessory Systems and our unique programs!