Claims/Inspection Warranty

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CalFlor's claims management programs for your flooring, grouped with our technical service programs offer the opportunity to manage flooring claims in the most organized, efficient and proven way.

Claims are resolved quickly and effectively, with both you and your customers benefiting from the results. All this is backed up by our research, development and product testing services to ensure successful outcomes for our customer-partners.

Custom flooring claims programs include:

  • Claims Processing — initiate, review, resolve
  • Investigation & Inspection — photo journals, detailed reports
  • Claims testing — reports, establish cause, evaluate, advise
  • Claims summary — reports, status, failures, demographics
  • Prevention — analysis with commentary forms, web pages, manuals

Warranty Management

Incorporates all items above with the addition of resolution: 

  • Warranty resolution — assessment of costs, repairs/replacements, certified inspectors' findings in detailed reports.