Private Label Program

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Maintain your competitive edge!

CalFlor offers flooring Accessories Private Labeling Program

  • Limited Startup costs
  • Small quantity production
  • Special formulations available
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Unique Barcode protects you from price comparison shopping
  • Warehousing space and inventory control
  • Convenient central location in a Free Trade Zone
  • Prompt processing and Shipment


Site Evaluation

An onsite evaluation and complete accessory market analysis by our accredited CalFlor Specialist would observe current operating procedures in all associated departments; marketing, technical services, training, sales, etc. (outlined by CalFlor)

Consultation with key members of each department will clearly identify individual areas of concern. This allows for the creation of a feed-back loop so all members have their ideas heard and discussed in detail.

Creative Process

Creative off-site analysis of all team-members' inputs, findings and possible solutions enable us to make recommendations that are formulated through detailed reports that identify root-causes of the issues.
Findings are comprehensive and communicated in detail. A chronology is created for projects, goals and deadlines, as well as submit, approval and sign-off processes that will be put into place and implemented accordingly. A Customer program is then developed to meet the specific and general needs as identified.

Summery Visit / Implementation

On-site visits will occur to implement, train advise and work through any unforeseen topics that may arise. Follow-up and sustainability requirements are established, documented and distributed.